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How to Screen Prospective Hires for a New, Up-and-Coming Business

When you have a new business, the people you hire are investments into the business’s future as much as a new job is an investment into their future. Some employees are short-term, others are long-term, and a few will be with you from the beginning to beyond. Regardless of their time within your business, you want to hire someone reliable, dedicated, and good at their job.

It’s important to use employee screening services before you hire a prospective worker for your new business. Here are how a screening service could help, as well as how you can screen prospective hires.

Micro-Manage Resumes to Narrow Down Your Applicants

When you have several great applicants, don’t be afraid to dig deep to find the right hire for your new business. Call old bosses, pay attention to those references, and perform a thorough background check to ensure the right decision.

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Should You Screen a Potential Hire’s Social Media Accounts?

Depending on the level of trust and responsibility that comes with a position in your business, you might want to check over a potential hire’s social media to ensure they are an upstanding and reliable person. Someone that posts negative content is often negative in their everyday life, and that’s not someone you want representing a new business.

Drug Tests: Yay or Nay?

Drug tests are subjective from one business to another. You can opt for drug screenings of specific drugs if you want. Or you could forgo the tests altogether. However, you need to know that your potential employee is capable of doing their job without being under the influence of illegal substances.

The hiring process begins with a screening process, which a good, potential employee will completely understand and be okay with. Once screening services come back clean, then congratulations – you have a brand-new, reliable employee for your brand-new, awesome business!