Every one of us in this life can be mistaken. I made such a mistake, I committed a crime, I was convicted of what happened to me, and got into jail. In Hell, with “A”. I have heard terrible things about this place, which in a word can be summarized as follows: there you are not a man, you have no rights. Is this true? Do I have any rights in prison at all?


Above all, I must be aware that the purpose of punishment (including imprisonment and imprisonment in prison) is to make the criminal correct and re-educate, to prevent the rest of society from being prevented, and not to be humiliated, tortured or deprived of elementary human and civil rights.


What about the rights I had to prison?

What about the rights I had to prison?

The vast majority of them are preserved, ie. I remain a citizen of Bulgaria and I enjoy the rights guaranteed by my home law. Of course, with my imprisonment some of my basic rights are limited, eg. I have no right to vote and to participate in a state and local government elections.


What are the rights specifically reserved for prisoners?

What are the rights specifically reserved for prisoners?

Along with the rights I have a person and a citizen of the country – including the limited – I have special rights. They have been given me a prisoner. Most of them are explicitly introduced in order to respect my human rights as well as many international treaties to which Bulgaria is a party.


Right to information about my prison situation

Right to information about my prison situation

Under this right, I can request and receive information on how my punishment is executed – that is, how long will it be, will I be able to take advantage of early release, when I can move from lighter to heavier mode, and so on ?


Right to a lawyer

The fact that the case is over and jailed does not mean that I have no right to a lawyer. On the contrary – I can see him at any time of the day and also want to give me the opportunity to make a phone call with my lawyer.


Right to work

This is one of my most important rights in prison, because if I work, my punishment will be reduced. For 2 business days, the penalty is reduced by 1 day. In addition to paid employment, which my prison finds according to my capabilities and skills, I also voluntarily work unpaid. The right to work also gives me the right to rest. If I work for at least 8 months in the last 10 months, I will be given an annual break of 14 days.


Right to education

If there are places and training programs in prison, I have the right to education. However, I have no right to enroll in higher education. However, if I am a minor, I can attend classes and school until graduation.


Right to free goods

As a prisoner, I have the right to free food, a separate bed with bed linen and bedding, clothes and shoes, and health insurance. All this is post by the state.


Right to rest

Here are my rights to a normal 8-hour sleep a day, going out in the open for 1 hour a day, and coming to my visit – at least twice a month. In most prisons, visits are held on weekends for convenience of working visitors. During a visit, my relatives can carry food and other items that are checked for security purposes by the guards.


The right to entertainment

In prison, I’m allowed to watch TV, listen to radio, read newspapers or books, and even study foreign languages. The time and manner of this is also determined by the guards. Last but not least, I can correspond with acquaintances and relatives.


Right to create

In prison I can write books or create other works of art, while also ensuring my copyrights to the created. I can also sell my products, paying my fee entirely, without having to pay anything because of the fact that I’m in prison.


Personal rights

Personal rights

Even though I’m in prison, I have the right to marry.


Right to assert my rights

The so-called right to defend my rights allows me to submit petitions or signals – including letters to the President for pardon. Except for the Chief of the Prison, I have the right to send my petitions, alerts and complaints to other state bodies – as well as I have no money to pay for the correspondence, I am given free of charge to them – as well as the average.


Rights of pregnant and minors

In either case, I have the right to be separated from the other prisoners. Thus, pregnant women in prison are placed in special rooms adapted to their needs and under constant medical supervision. Minors also have the right to stay with adult prisoners.