The bond is a contract that is acquired with a bonding company and it undertakes to fulfill an obligation of various kinds such as: getting out of a legal problem, leasing a real estate, ensuring the fulfillment of a contract, expanding and ascertaining the trust towards the personnel and even guarantee the delivery of an object of value in perfect conditions.

The guarantee of the guarantee is achieved by paying a premium, which is the amount that must be granted for the acquisition of a bond policy, which includes administrative expenses, taxes and a profit margin for the company.

The price of a bond depends on the amount by which the surety is willing to back the type of contract that the contracting party makes.

The guarantee of the guarantee is achieved by paying a premium, which is the amount that must be granted for the acquisition of a bond policy, which includes administrative expenses, taxes and a profit margin for the company.



Bid bonds.- They serve to guarantee the support of suppliers and / or contractors in national and international bidding processes.

Bonds of Contest.- They are used to guarantee the offers of the suppliers and / or contractors in construction and / or procurement contests.

Bonds for Contest.- They guarantee that the supplier and / or contractor sustain their offer in contests or bids.

Tax Non-Conforming Bonds (place 07) .- Issued to guarantee the tax credit derived from the imposition of fines for tax debts.





Guarantees compensation for any damage caused by the crimes of: theft, fraud, breach of trust or embezzlement.


a) Individual Bond: for an employee, generally related to key operations.

b) Certificate Bonds: when it is intended to only strengthen a group of employees, even if they are people with different positions

c) Collective Bond: Includes the entire staff of a company.

d) Global bond of limited liability and strata: it consolidates by grouping the administrative staff of a company with different levels of responsibility.

e) Bail in excess to the global: To cover responsibilities of those employees who, by exception and risks, are different from the generality.

f) Single amount deposit for sellers: for all sellers or commission agents.




They guarantee the fulfillment of the duties and obligations of any person within a judicial procedure.


a) Criminal Judicial Bonds: its objective is that the accused evade the action of justice.

i. Provisional Freedom Bond

ii. Conditional bail (freedom) conditional

iii. Freedom of Liberty Bond

b) Civil Judicial Bond: to guarantee the damages that may be caused by the judicial procedure to third parties.

i. Provisional Providence Bond

ii. Provisional Order Lifting Guarantee

iii. Security of charge (legal manager, receiver or management as executor)

iv. Bail of Alimony

v. Judicial bail of amparo

c) Judiciary that protects drivers of motor vehicles



Bond of compliance.- They guarantee the fulfillment of obligations to do (work), deliver or give (supply), give (payment of alimony, etc.) or not to do (conventional penalty for doing something wrong).

Good Quality Bonds or hidden defects bonds -.They are used to guarantee that the stipulations of the contract are complied with as regards the good quality of the materials or that there is no hidden error that over time is reached. discover.

Bonds of hidden defects are obtained when a work has already been delivered or delivered a product.

Bonds for Point of Sale Terminals or bonds for electronic commerce.- These terminal bonds for point of sale guarantee that the payment process by the terminal owner (affiliate, representatives, vendors or any other employee), is correct and there is no fraud or bad faith or negligence in each transaction, for this we offer a competitive rate in this type of bonds to the effect of being authorized electronic commerce by banks.

Bail bonds for IMSS nurseries.- These bail bonds guarantee the faithful and exact fulfillment of the guidelines specified by the IMSS to operate as a nursery and are guarantees that guarantee 10% on the number of children multiplied by the monthly amount subsidized by the IMSS annualized


tax certificate


Raffle and raffle guarantee: They guarantee the delivery of the prizes promised to the public for the celebration of raffles or raffles as well as dates and conditions of the same raffles.

Bonds of agreement of payment in installments. The already recognized payment of tax debts or local taxes by individuals to the corresponding authority is guaranteed.


credit bonds


Bonds for gas stations.- The bonds for the gas stations guarantee the payment of the credit granted by Pemex, derived from the fuel supply.

Temporary Import and Export Bonds: Guarantees the payment of tax or penalty for the non-return of merchandise or goods to your country of origin (temporary importation) or our country in case of export of goods or merchandise.

Bonds of concessions, permits, patents and authorizations: These bonds guarantee the obligations of individuals that are derived from the obtaining of concessions (electromagnetic space, TV, cellular and fixed telephony, radio signal, etc.); permits for the use and enjoyment of private property (parking, public roads, etc.); patents on goods and services exclusively owned by the government and specific authorizations on other goods and services.