Reseau Home Service handyman near me in florence ky 5 Reasons You Should Install a New Water Heater

5 Reasons You Should Install a New Water Heater

Water heaters, like other appliances, have maximum lifespans. When the appliance nears or surpasses this age, don’t expect a lot of good usage from the unit, if it works at all. Many signs suggest the water heater has served its purpose in your home and needs to be replaced. Five reasons you should find a reasonably priced handyman near me in florence ky to replace the water heater:

1.  Age: How old is the water heater in your home? A unit that is older than 12 years old is likely outdated and using more water and electricity than necessary. You can upgrade and save cash.

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2.  Noises: A water heater offers quiet operation when it is working. If you suddenly notice loud noises, or other unusual sounds, there is a problem with the water heater that needs to be addressed and likely, time to replace the unit.

3.  Selling Home: When you are putting a house on the market, getting the most money is important. There are many ways to add value to the property, among them, installing new appliances like a hot water heater.

4.  Damage: There are endless types of damages that a water heater may sustain that cause it to need to be replaced. Is there condensation in the bottom of the tank? Is there rust? These signs are two of the most common.

5.  Efficiency: Many people replace water heaters because they want something more modern and energy efficient in their homes. Older water heaters lack those qualities and cost tons more money to operate.

If you are considering installing a new water heater, talk to a professional today. The reasons to replace the water heater on the above list are only some of the many reasons it is time to get something new.