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How can I help someone get out of Jail?

If a family member or friend has been arrested, FreeUs Bail Bonds is here to help you with this stressful situation. That’s why we have a quick and easy process in case a loved one or friend has been arrested. To find out if a loved one has been arrested or find out the amount of bail, click here for information on any Travis County or Williamson County jail.

3 Steps To Help Your Loved One Get Out Of The Fast Jail!

Step 1 – Call FreeUs Bail Bonds Immediately

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It is important to know if the person was arrested in Travis County or Williamson, but if you do not know, you can call us anyway and we will help you get that information. We have a toll-free number if you live outside of the area, or you can call us at the local Austin, TX office for help in Travis County or the local office in Georgetown, TX for Williamson County. The two offices are conveniently located near the respective jail and courthouse.

Step 2- Provide the following information to begin the bond process.



  • Name of the arrested person
  • Name of the jail
  • Check, cash, or credit card for bail payment

Step 3- Pick up your loved one when they are released from jail

Step 3- Pick up your loved one when they are released from jail


We will be in contact with your loved one immediately and ensure your release as quickly as the law allows.

Williamson County: When an inmate is released, you can pick him / her up outside the reception area of ​​the Williamson County Jail at 306 West 4th street in Georgetown, TX. If FreeUs Bail Bonds arranged for the person to be released from jail we will ask you to walk through the jail to our office and you can wait there.

Travis County: 500 West 10th Street, Bill Price Road in Del Valle. Contact us to confirm at the jail in Travis County you can go pick up your loved one.

Our professional agents are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and are always available to answer any questions you have and that will keep you informed every step of the way. FreeUs Bail Bonds wants to make bail for your loved one as painless as possible. They just give us a call, and we take care of the rest.

A Bail for Suspects is Rare

Whoever is in custody is far from being a criminal offender. Therefore, the suspect may be released on bail. Judges are restrained with this measure.

In the US, freedom against bail is a standard case. Only in the case of the heaviest acts and appropriate penalties will pre-trial detention be arranged without bail. Accordingly, there are even state-approved bondage offices there. These finances accuse the bail, for a fee of ten to 15 percent. If the accused does not live up to his obligations, he is also persecuted twice: by the state police and the private bounty hunters of the bondage bureau.


A deposit for suspects is rare in Germany

A deposit for suspects is rare in Germany

We do not have such a bail bond business. But that is also because a release on bail is much less possible with us. Although German law also knows such a procedure. But German courts are rather reluctant when it comes to release a defendant under the Code of Criminal Procedure (StPO) for money.

By far the most important first is the risk of absconding. Whether U-Haft or not, it usually decides the question of what conditions the person lives. Does he have a family, a permanent job or other social ties? A deposited deposit does not play such a decisive role in the opinion of the majority of the German jurists.

Penal bills are usually only accepted by the courts if the question of detention is doubtful. In that case, it can not really hurt the person concerned, his relatives or friends still deposit at certain sum of money. In case of flight danger, however, the courts are more likely to rely on defendants to surrender their passports and report regularly to the police or have to go to jail.


Deposit rules abroad

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In many countries, including within Europe, the practice of detention is even more rigid than in Germany. Sometimes a traffic accident involving personal injury is enough to put the driver behind bars until the procedure is completed. A deposit abroad can quickly amount to thousands of euros. Often the judiciary in other countries also demands an advance payment for the costs of the proceedings and a possible penalty. So quickly from 10,000 to 75,000 euros together, in some cases more.

Anyone who travels abroad should therefore consider whether it would make sense to take out a legal expenses insurance in order to cover not only the legal costs but also a loan for a bail bond. In addition to the amount of cover, you should make sure the protection applies worldwide. Some legal expenses insurance companies offer a bail bond only for Europe and the “neighboring countries of the Mediterranean”.

A close friend of Donald Trump arrested and released on bail in Florida

A Florida court on Friday has agreed to release former Donald Trump’s former informal adviser and friend Roger Stone on bail of $ 250,000, US media reported.

The 66-year-old political lobbyist was arrested at dawn at his home in Fort Lauderdale and is charged with, among other things, false statements and witness tampering, as part of the delicate Russian investigation by Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller.

Also suspected of false testimony, Roger Stone appeared in federal court in Fort Lauderdale. The judge decided to release him against a deposit of 250,000 dollars, with limited travel until the next hearing.



Stone’s lawyer said his client “vigorously” rejected the charges, adding that he simply “forgot to say something to Congress”.

Donald Trump once again denounced “the greatest witch hunt in the history of our country” and reaffirmed that there was no collusion between his campaign team and Russia.

Roger Stone, who was charged on Thursday, advised Donald Trump during the 2016 campaign.

He drew attention during the last presidential campaign, when he hinted he was in possession of data obtained by hackers likely to embarrass the Democrats, including Hillary Clinton, the rival of Trump.

Emails and SMS


In the indictment, the prosecutor’s office indicates that Roger Stone “sent and received numerous emails and SMS during the 2016 campaign, in which he mentioned Organization 1 and his manager and said he had pirated emails. “.

The court file does not say what is this “Organization 1” but it seems to correspond to the WikiLeaks site, which has been distributing for years confidential information obtained from anonymous sources.

Roger Stone was still in possession of some of this information when he gave false testimony about them, the prosecution adds.

He also spoke with senior officials of Donald Trump’s campaign of information that “the organization could hold and likely to harm the Clinton campaign,” the document said.