There are changes that you expect and changes that you do not expect in your life.

The difference between the two is that for the first you can be forewarned and have them planned and the second you get totally unexpected .

Throughout 10 articles I present 10 of the most important changes in your life and how to be prepared in front of them from the point of view of your Domestic Economy . That’s why I call this series of articles: Prepare your finances for the changes in your life.

Being prepared for changes is essential. Minimize risks and solve problems before. This is a fact.

That is why at the end of reading each article you will be prepared to face that change . You will know how it impacts you and how to recover your finances.

As previous considerations for any of the changes of what we will discuss throughout this series I give you a series of previous tips:

Have prepared an analysis of your domestic economy : Knowing the situation in which you find yourself is the only way to know a priori the consequences of any decision. If you do not know where you are, it is impossible for you to know where you will go with the change of life you are raising.

control your emotions: yes, I am a control obsessed. If you follow this blog you will know that it is very important for me to have the maximum level of control over the environment. This minimizes risks. And this is expandable to the control of your emotions. When facing any change you can not let yourself be carried away by stress or by your emotions. Decide with head and from the tranquility . Otherwise the probability of erring is very high.

– Do not be scared by the changes: if you know where you are, and you know where you want to go, the changes are necessary to achieve any goals. Face them always from optimism . The way you mentally face a change directly impacts the way this change is executed. Your way of thinking affects your environment . Do not forget.

Depending on your personal situation each of them will fit more or less with you, of course. But surely you know someone who is in this situation, give him a hand and send him this article, it sure helps.

Prepare your finances for changes in your life: Open a Business

Leave the “apparent” security (and I say apparent because at any time you can be on the street) of a job with your co-workers, it is very difficult both financially and psychologically.

If you have already taken the step and you have decided, I advise you to take into account the following aspects, because they will help you in your transition:

  1. Concentrate to leave your job: maximize your capacity for savings by adopting more austere habits that allow you to go through a period in which your income will be more reduced.
  2. Develop a business plan: I do not say a business plan like those that ask you when asking for financing, I mean that you have clear what you are going to sell, to whom you are going to sell it, how are you going to sell it and what price and with what costs. Complete this canvas , surely it will clear your mind.
  3. Modify your insurance policies: your situation is now more unstable than ever, modify the conditions of your policies to ensure against risks you may have.
  4. If you have not done it before, establish a savings plan for your future : go filling the bank in good times, because you will also go through many bad times.

And do not forget that all changes are good or bad depending on how you take them. It seems a topic but it is not. A change can be your opportunity for your life to turn where you want. Seize it.

Remember more training in Personal Finance more possibilities to get ahead and improve your Home Economics. It is in your hand.